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Cases that may be important in a Texas probate case dealing with inheritance disputes that speak to your interest.

Statutory Probate Judges And Why You Want One

Statutory Probate Judges are well-versed in probate law and procedure. It is best to have a Statutory Probate Judge hear your contested probate case.

Learn How a Will is Probated in Texas

Independent Executor The form of probate most familiar to clients is the probate of the will with the appointment of...

Arbitration Clauses In Wills

What is an arbitration clause The Supreme Court of Texas upheld an arbitration clause in a trust and the same...

Who Pays the Expenses of Your Probate if You Are Not Dead?

You are alive. Someone files a probate action in court saying that you are dead. When you show up alive, some expenses...

In a will contest, can you recover your attorney’s fees if they were reasonable and necessary?

Texas law allows you to recover your attorney's fees if you offer a will for probate even if the will is rejected. As...

Procuring a will may be a crime.

When someone takes advantage of an elderly person and gets them to make a will when they don’t have testimentary capacity that may be a crime.

Executor Violates Duty because of a Mistake

 Intentional or Negligence Acts This post concerns fiduciary duties in Texas. The case that is discussed deals with an...

Podcast – Time limits for contesting a will in Texas

Podcast added! The topic is "Time limits to contest a will in Texcas?" A will isn’t open to be contested forever....

Contesting a Will Because of Improper Execution of the will

In Texas, wills must be executed with proper formalities. If it is not executed with those formalities, the will not be admitted to probate.

Can Texas power of attorney create a trust using the principal’s money?

Definitions: The principal is the person who gives the power of attorney.  The agent or attorney-in-fact is the person...

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