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Time Limits For Contesting A Texas Will

Time Limits For Contesting A Texas Will, what the law refers to as the statute of limitations are critical. If you are unhappy with a will, act quickly

Husband Inherits Abandoned Wife’s Property

Husband Inherits Abandoned Wife’s Property in Texas if she dies without a will.

Pretermitted Wife Not Recognized in Texas.

Texas does not recognize a pretermitted (forgotten) wife. Some states do recognize pretermitted wife.

Who inherits your property if you die intestate (without a will)?

Separate property – 1. If there is no spouse – all to children.  If there are no children then to parents. 2. If there...

Who are the heirs in Texas?

Heirs in Texas are the people who receive a decedent’s property when he dies without a will or he doesn’t dispose of all his property or when a will is contested.

Heir property in Texas

Many people in Texas refer to “heir property.” What they mean is the property that goes to the heirs if there is no will.

Supreme Court rules children born by IVF not entitled to social security benefits.

When a parent dies, his or her children can claim social benefits based on their parents social security contributions...

Elder Abuse Is Increasing

Elder abuse is increasing, especially financial abuse, causing families to have to resort to post-death remedies such as contesting the will.

Podcast – Time limits for contesting a will in Texas

Podcast added! The topic is "Time limits to contest a will in Texcas?" A will isn’t open to be contested forever....

Mineral Interests Overview In Texas

Royalty interest or mineral interest are often involved in inheritance disputes in Texas such as contesting a will. Those interest are explained here.

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Presumption of Undue Influence

Presumption of Undue Influence

A person who is an Executor, Administrator, Trustee, or who has a Power of Attorney is a fiduciary. A fiduciary must act in the best interest of the beneficiaries and show that each of his actions was in the beneficiaries’ best interest. When an action benefits the fiduciary in any way, there is a presumption of unfairness, and the fiduciary may be liable.

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