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Cases that may be important in a Texas probate case dealing with inheritance disputes that speak to your interest.

What is a “moiety” and how does it affect inheritance?

What is a “moiety” regarding inheritance? A problem may arise if there are descendants on one side but not the other.

When is a handwritten document a holographic will?

Texas recognizes handwritted documents as wills if they are wholly in the handwritting of the testator. Witnesses are not required.

Good Faith Exception in Will Contest

Good Faith Exception Texas and many other states will  enforce forfeiture clauses in wills if the contestant is not...

Podcast – What are pretermitted children?

A pretermitted child is a forgotten child who takes a part of their parents’ estate even if not mentioned in the will.

Family Settlement Agreement And Jurisdiction.

Family Settlement Agreements do no deprive the probate of jurisdiction to order an accounting and a distribution of the estate.

Can a Fiduciary delegate his discretionary power to another?

A fiduciary owes the highest duty imposed in law to the person (beneficiary) over whose property he has control. A...

Precatory words in a Texas will

Precatory words – words of desire and wishes should not be used in a Texas will because they may not pass property as you expect.

Can the Judge Order Spousal Support From a Spendthrift Trust?

No, says the Dallas Court of Appeals. The court stated that under Texas law, spendthrift trusts are trusts with...

Jersey (Not New Jersey) changes inheritance laws

The BBC reported that Jersey in the UK is changing its inheritance laws to conform to the European Convention on Human...

Definition of Trustee

A person or entity who holds the assets (corpus) of a trust for the benefit of the beneficiaries and manages the trust...

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