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The post below are new cases on inheritance disputes in Texas that will that will help explain the process.

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Cases that may be important in a Texas probate case dealing with inheritance disputes that speak to your interest.

In a will contest, can you recover your attorney’s fees if they were reasonable and necessary?

Texas law allows you to recover your attorney's fees if you offer a will for probate even if the will is rejected. As...

Oral Statements by the Testator about a Texas Will

When a person tells someone how he wants his property handled when he dies but he has a written will or trust, the...

When a will is not a will but is a community property survivorship agreement

A community property survivorship agreement is similar to a will but it does not have to be executed with the...

Can You Probate An Invalid Will In Texas

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Contesting a will with a no contest clause.

Almost all wills have a no contest clause in them. You should not be worried about the clause if you bring a contest in good faith and with just cause.

Mineral Interests Overview In Texas

Royalty interest or mineral interest are often involved in inheritance disputes in Texas such as contesting a will. Those interest are explained here.

Contesting a Will Because of Fraud in the Factum

"Fraud in the Factum" occurs when a testator is misled as to the nature or content of the instrument being executed. A...

Reasons for the recent increase in inheritance disputes.

I have previously written about the causes of the recent increase in will contest and other inheritance disputes. In a...

Inheritance Rights of Natural Children

Natural children are the biological children of their parents. This article discusses the inheritance rights of those...

Can A Beneficiary Attest A Will?

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