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Can You Probate An Invalid Will In Texas

Invalid wills can be admitted to probate if not contested The idea to take away from the case discussed in this...

Learn How a Will is Probated in Texas

Independent Executor The form of probate most familiar to clients is the probate of the will with the appointment of...

Find Out What Types of Probate Are Available

Several types of probate are available when a person dies depending on whether they have a will or not. If the...

Probating A Newer Will

Estoppel I've written about how accepting benefits under a will may prevent or estop a person from contesting that...

Can a murderer inherit his victim’s property?

The Texas slayer rule requires affirmative action to prevent the murderer from inheriting the victim’s property.

Contesting a Will Because of Lack of Testamentary Capacity

The most successful ground for contesting a will in Texas is lack of testamentary capacity. As people age, it is easier and easier to have them make a new will that they would not make if they had their full mental faculties.

Necessary Parties To Will Contest

Necessary parties to will contest In every lawsuit, there are necessary parties. For instance, a husband cannot file...

Learn How To Obtain A Copy Of A Will In Texas.

When a Texas will is filed for probate, it is a public document and anyone can get a copy of it. The probate is filed with the county clerk of the county in which the decedent resided when he died.

Definition of Torts in Texas

A tort is a wrong that injures a person or property whether by negligence or intentional act not involving contracts....

DNA test. I just discovered my father (parents) what now?

With the advent of DNA testing kits that are prevalent today, many people, who do not know who their parents are,...

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