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The post below are new cases on inheritance disputes in Texas that will that will help explain the process.

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Cases that may be important in a Texas probate case dealing with inheritance disputes that speak to your interest.

Appealing A Will Contest After Trial

When a non probate case has been filed and tried and the judge has entered a final judgment disposing of all the...

Contesting a Will Because of an Insane Delusion

A claim of “insane delusion” resembles a claim of lack of testamentary capacity and is sometimes considered to be a...

Can A Beneficiary Attest A Will?

Can A Beneficiary Attest A Will? As stated in another post on this blog, a will has to be attested by two or more...

Definition of Escheat

Escheat means that the state owns your property after you die if you don’t have a will and no heirs can be found. Prevent this by having a will.

Disclaim Your Inheritance In Texas.

Why Disclaim? Why in the world would you want to disclaim your inheritance in Texas? Actually, there are many reasons....

When is a handwritten document a holographic will?

Texas recognizes handwritted documents as wills if they are wholly in the handwritting of the testator. Witnesses are not required.

Is a forged will good for something?

Is a forged will good for something? A forged will can be used to determine when the statute of limitations starts running says the San Antonio Court of Appeals.

Tax Foreclosure in Texas

Tax foreclosure in Texas is not as final as one might think. If you meet the criteria set out in the statute, you may be able to redeem it even after it is sold.

Can a Texas Fiduciary Avoid Liability by Relying on Accountants and Attorneys?

In Texas, a trustee or other fiduciary may not be able to avoid liability for breach of his fiduciary duty by relying...

Can a Trust instrument relieve the Trustee of liability?

A Texas appeals court was asked that question when they had to interpret the following language in a Trust relating to...

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