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Cases that may be important in a Texas probate case dealing with inheritance disputes that speak to your interest.

Contesting a Will Because of an Insane Delusion

A claim of “insane delusion” resembles a claim of lack of testamentary capacity and is sometimes considered to be a...

What Are Holographic Wills In Texas

A holographic will is a handwirtten will. It must be wholly in the handwriting of the testator. He can not type it or print it. None of the words that make the document a will can be typed, printed or written by someone else.

A Man is Sentenced to Twenty-Five Years in Prison for Abusing a Power of Attorney.

The Austin Court of Appeals upheld a sentence of 25 years given to a man who abused a power of attorney. The man was...

Do you or your heirs own your body?

No, says the Texas Supreme Court in a recent decision, Evanston Ins. Co. v. Legacy of Life, 11-0519. In the Legacy...

Read About Pretermitted children in Texas

A pretermitted child is a forgotten child who takes a part of their parents’ estate even if not mentioned in the will. This is a form of forced heirship which Texas does not normally have.

Tortious Interference With Inheritance Rights.

What is it? Tortious interference with inheritance rights is a tort where someone does something that has the effect...

What Happens When You File An Inheritance Dispute In The Wrong Texas Court

If you try to represent yourself in court things can go wrong quickly.

Are all Powers of Attorney the same?

All powers of attorney are not the same. A power of attorney ends on the death of the person who gave the POA. If not “durable” it ends on the incompetence of the person who gave it.

Texas Statute of Limitations or Probate Limits to Challenge a Will.

Texas has a two-year statute of limitation to contest a will. There may be other things that can be done but generally, the two-year rule applies.

In A Texas Will Contest, Can You Waive Your Right To Appeal

Background In Estate of Crawford, 14-17-00703-CV, (Tex. App. - Houston [14] November 9, 2017) the court of appeals...

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