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Learn About Fiduciary Duty in Texas

Fiduciary responsibility in Texas - Fiduciary is a general term. A fiduciary is someone who has undertaken to act for...

Can you have a secret common-law marriage in Texas

Texas Law Texas recognizes common-law marriages or what Texas refers to as" informal" marriages. An informal marriage...

If You Don’t Mention Some of Your Property in Your Will, Who Gets it?

In Texas, poorly drafted wills sometimes do not dispose of all of their property. What happens to the property? This article explains it.

Who are the heirs in Texas?

Heirs in Texas are the people who receive a decedent’s property when he dies without a will or he doesn’t dispose of all his property or when a will is contested.

Definition of Estoppel

Estoppel means that you are not allowed to take a position that is inconsistent with a prior position that you took....

Breach of Fiduciary Duty has a Four Year Statute of Limitations

Texas has a general four year statute of limitations period that may apply in a suit against an executor or administrator for breeching his duties.

Start Here to Learn About Texas Inheritance

Testate Succession When a person dies with a valid will or an invalid will that has not been contested, his property...

Anti-lapse or what happens if a beneficiary dies before the Testator?

The Texas anti lapse statute prevents gifts in a will from lapsing when the named beneficiary predeceases the testator. However, the anti-lapse statute only applies to descendants of the testator or descendants of his parents. If the beneficiary is not one of those descendants and dies before the testator, that gift lapses and goes to the person named in the residuary clause of the will or to the testator’s heirs and law if there is no residuary clause.

Can Adopted Children Inherit in Texas?

In Texas, when a child is legally or formally adopted, they inherit to the same extent as natural children. A formal...

Definition of Testamentary Intent In Texas

Testamentary intent is the disposition of property in contemplation of death. A document must be made with testamentary intent to be a will in Texas.

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The slayer rule doesn’t always apply

The slayer rule doesn’t always apply

The slayer rule means that a person who murders another person cannot inherit from that person. Texas doesn’t have the slayer rule but there are other methods of keeping the slayer from inheriting.
In a recent article in England, the courts let the wife inherit from her husband that she murdered because he had been so abusive toward her.

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