A step by step guide to inheritance disputes in Texas

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Read about Contesting a Will in Texas

If you are interested in learning about contesting a will or protecting a will from a contest, click this box.

Who Inheritance in Texas

To understand who inherits in Texas if there is no valid will or if the will is successfully contested, click this box.

Fiduciary Problems

Trustees, executors, holders of powers of attorney and others sometime abuse their power which may result in loss. To learn more, click this box.

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Robert Ray is the Editor and owner of this site. Board Certified, Personal Injury Trial Law — Texas Board of Legal Specialization. We handle cases throughout Texas. Our principal office is in Lantana, Texas (DFW area).

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I am a litigation attorney

I aggressively represent my clients. I strive to obtain the absolute best results possible for them. I have limited contracentration areas, one is in the area of litigation involving inheritance disputes. I handle cases in estate and trust disputes including will contests, mental competency issues, undue influence, breach of fiduciary duty and related claims, and accountings.

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