pretermitted child or a “forgotten child” is a child of the deceased who is both:

 1. born or adopted after a parent’s will is executed, and

 2. is not otherwise provided for by the parent.

Most states have statutes that deal with this issue. In Texas, the statute provides that if the child is not otherwise provided for by the deceased parent, the child will take a portion of the estate even though he is not mentioned in the will. §255.051, et. seq. Remember, if there is no will, the child would inherit a child’s share of the estate so the pretermitted child statute only applies if there is a will.

I have written on my blog about the requirements pretermitted children need to show in order to receive their inheritance and referenced several cases. To see a discussion of some Texas cases on inheritance rights of pretermitted children, click here.

Update: A 2017 case out of Pennsylvania had an interesting twist in a pretermitted child case. The child, who was born before the will was executed, attempted to get around the requirement that the child had to be born after the will was executed by claiming that her father was not aware of her existence until after the will was executed. The court did not agree and denied her status as a pretermitted child because she was born before the will. Estate of Sidney Rothberg, Deceased, No. 1428 EDA 2016, 2017 PA Super 198.

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