​How to probate a case

by Robert A. Ray


Attorney Needed

Probate is a suit in court. Procedure, evidence, Rules must be known.

Types of Probate

Click here to read about the types of probate that are available in Texas.

Wills not Valid

A will is not valid and doesn’t transfer any property until it is probated.

How to Probate a Will in Texas

Types of Probate

There are three basics types of probate in Texas. You can click on this blurb to learn them.

How to Probate a Will in Texas

Once you have become familiar with the types of probate, you should contact an attorney who can advise you on the best type of probate for your situation. We don’t handle the probate of wills unless there is a dispute that is going to lead to litigation. However, there are many lawyers who handle the ordinary probate of wills.

Trying to probate a will by yourself without an attorney is fraught with complications and pitfalls. You can’t have an executor appointed if a lawyer is not involved.

Fortunately, Texas has one of the easiest and least expensive probate schemes in the country so getting a lawyer to help you is equally easy and inexpensive.

Robert Ray

Board Certified, Personal Injury Trial Law — Texas Board of Legal Specialization. We handle cases all across Texas. Our principal office is in Lantana, Texas (DFW area).

Robert Ray is a Texas attorney who handles inheritance disputes

Why Us?

Inheritance disputes involve someone who has taken advantage of the elderly. These cases are complicated and most often, but not always, involve outsiders. We represent you knowing that these inheritance disputes are private and painful family matters. We know this is a stressful time for you. We strive to obtain the quickest and best results possible so that you can get this troubling episode behind you.

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