Can a Husband or Wife Inherit After a Divorce in Texas?

Texas law provides that all provisions in a will in favor of a former spouse “must be read as if the former spouse failed to survive the testator” and are null and void. Therefore, if you get divorced and don't change your will, you ex-wife will not inherit under your...

Can the lawyer be a beneficiary?

The quick answer is no, he can’t.  Texas has a statute that says that a devise or bequest of property in a will to the attorney who prepares or supervises the preparation of the will or to an heir or employee of the attorney is void.  This statute applies to anyone...

Who is a “descendant” in Texas Probate Court?

Sometimes it is difficult to determine who is a descendent in today’s large and mixed families with half-children, step-children, adopted children, etc.

Definition of Guardianship

Wondering what guardianship is and what the process entails in Texas? Read our blog post to find out more information on the process.

Who Receives Notice of Probate?

Who Receives Notice of Probate?

When a will is filed for probate in Texas, the county clerk posts a notice on the courthouse wall. That is the only notice unless someone is a named beneficiary in the will that was filed. Just because you are a relative doesn’t mean you get personal notice.

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