“Interested Persons” Can Contest Wills.

Only "interested persons" can contest a will.Interested Persons

The Texas Estates Code provides “interested Persons” the right to file a will contest. If a contestant is not an interested person, he cannot file a will contest. So who is an interested person? An interested person is an heir, devisee, spouse, creditor, or any other having a property right in or claim against an estate being administered and anyone interested in the welfare of an incapacitated person, including a minor. 22.018.

Paying Funeral Expenses

In a 2014 case decided by the Beaumont court of appeals involving an alleged common law wife of the decedent and the (more…)

Where to find information about Prepaid Funerals.

The State of Texas maintains a site to provide customers information about prepaid funerals.

“Prepaid funeral merchandise and services is defined as goods and services sold on a prepaid basis directly to the public for use in connection with future funeral services. Along with the normal funeral service items, prepaid funeral merchandise and services also includes opening and closing of the grave and outer-burial containers. The term does not include a grave, marker, monument, tombstone, crypt, niche, plot, or lawn crypt unless it is sold in contemplation of trade for a funeral service or funeral merchandise.”

You can go to the site by clicking -> here.

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