Selling property when one heir refuses

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When several people are left property, the easiest way to divide the property is to sell it and then divide the proceeds. Often, that procedure runs into difficulty especially when you have one recalcitrant heir who refuses to sell. A 2019 case highlighted some of the difficulties in that situation.
In the case, a woman left her house to her five children. One child was living in the house and refused to leave or let any of the other children in the house without advance notice to her. She also changed the locks. These actions are what the law calls “ouster“. The other heirs had to file suit against her. They received a judgment against her for over $30,000. The heirs will also recover their attorneys fees.
The situations are difficult. They usually involve family members. However, the heirs or not without remedies. 04-18-00402-CV.

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