Problems with Removal of Trustee or Executor

Trustees and executors are fiduciaries and owe duties to the beneficiaries of the trust or estate that they are in charge of. If they breach those duties, they can be removed.

The Texas Anti-SLAPP, TCPA, law was established to protect a person’s right to free speech, free association and the right to petition. When a suit is filed and a motion to dismiss under the Texas Anti-SLAPP, TCPA law is filed, the suit stops and the judge must rule on the motion. If he grants the motion, the suit is dismissed and the person who brought the suit is required to pay the attorney’s fees of the person sued. He may also have to pay expenses and sanctions. The law is a draconian sword hanging over suits.

The law has been applied in many different suits like divorce actions, collection suits, contract cases, etc. How far the law reaches is still being ironed out in Texas.

Recently, there was a suit to remove a trustee. Does it apply to removal actions?

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A suit was filed to remove a trustee. The trustee filed a motion to dismiss under the Texas Anti-SLAPP, TCPA, law. You can read about it below.

Suit to Remove Trustee as a Texas Anti-SLAPP, TCPA Claim

Does the Texas Anti-SLAPP, TCPA law apply? Well, in the case, the court assumed without deciding that it did then went on to rule that the people against whom the motion to dismiss was filed met their burden and proved their defense. The motion to dismiss was denied.

If the people who filed the removal action had not met their burden, their removal suit might have been dismissed and they would have had to pay the attorney’s fees of the trustee. Just be aware!

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