Yes, Nieces and Nephews can contest a will in Texas.

If you are an interested party, you can contest a will in Texas.

Whether the will contest will benefit you depends on several factors. If your parent, who is a sibling of the deceased, is still alive, then your parent would inherit everything if the will is set aside and nothing would go to you. That may be you ultimate goal, e.g., get mom or dad their rightful inheritance from their sibling. But, if your parent who is the sibling of the deceased, is not alive then you would inherit if the will is set aside.

Of course, all of this is dependent on the deceased not having any children. If the decedent has children, then the brothers and sisters and Nieces and Nephew will not inherit even if the will is set aside. The same is true to a lesser extent if the decedent has a spouse. The siblings or Nieces and Nephews would still inherit if the will is set aside but so would the wife.

If you have a question about a pending or anticipated lawsuit about contesting a will in Texas, use the Contact Us page at the top of the site to see if we can help.

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Contesting a will in Texas

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