Procuring a will may be a crime.

Definition of Escheat

Discover the Liability of a Fiduciary in Texas

Definition of Intestate in Texas

Definition of Administrator or administratrix

Definition of Executor or Executrix in Texas

Inheritance Rights of Illegitimate Children.

In Texas, until 1991, illegitimate children did not inherit from their parents. In that year, the Texas Supreme Court, following an earlier ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court held that the statutes that deny inheritance rights to illegitimate children violate the...

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Read About Pretermitted children in Texas

A pretermitted child or a "forgotten child" is a child of the deceased who is both:  1. born or adopted after a parent’s will is executed, and  2. is not otherwise provided for by the parent. Most states have statutes that deal with this issue. In Texas, the statute...

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Inheritance Rights of Children in Texas

As an easy starting point to learn about the inheritance rights of children, the following list is provided: The inheritance rights of natural children; The inheritance rights of adopted children; The inheritance rights of children born after a will is made; and The...

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Can Adopted Children Inherit in Texas?

Can Adopted Children Inherit in Texas?

In Texas, when a child is legally or formally adopted, they inherit to the same extent as natural children. A formal adoption is where the court system is involved.  A suit for adoption is filed.  Then, in some cases, the state investigates the adopting parents to...

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Inheritance Rights of Natural Children

Inheritance Rights of Natural Children

Natural children are the biological children of their parents. This article discusses the inheritance rights of those children. In Texas, in general, children inherit the estate of their parents if there is no valid will. The spouse of the parent will also inherit a...

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