How much does it cost to contest a will | challenge a will | dispute a will?

Written by Robert Ray

Robert Ray handles inheritance disputes of all kinds. He takes cases throughout Texas.

Everyone is concerned about the cost of an inheritance dispute or the cost involved in contesting a will in Texas. Below, I have outlined the normal cost so you will learn how much an inheritance dispute or a will contest will cost.

Hourly Rate with Retainer

Our preferred way to bill for contesting a will is on an hourly basis where the client deposits a retainer and we bill against that retainer. We keep track of our time and expenses and pay our bill each month out of the retainer. What ever is left in the retainer at the end of the case is returned to the client. If the retainer gets low, the client is required to bring the retainer back up to the initial amount. Within six months of trial, the client must keep the retainer at the initial amount each and every month. Retainers are based on the facts. Will Contest and other challenges to wills involve litigation which can get expensive.

Contingency fees

If you don’t have the money for a retainer, does that meant that you can’t afford to proceed with your will contest or inheritance dispute?

Not necessarily. In a few select cases, we may agree to represent you in challenging a will on a contingency basis. The estate must be substantial with your part being $300,000 or more and you must be seeking reasonable goals. If the estate you are concerned with is substantial and you want to talk to us about representing you on a contingency basiscontact us and tell us about your situation.

Statute of Limitations

Remember, the statute of limitations applies to will contest and other challenges to wills just as it does in any case involving litigation. If you wait too long, you may lose your right of contesting a will even though your claim is good.

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